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La Stampa, Multimedia Journalist/San Paolo Fellow

In 2014 I received the prestigious San Paolo Fellowship, which allowed me to travel to Italy and work for La Stampa, the country’s third largest newspaper. In addition to producing multimedia pieces, I wrote about U.S. issues from an international perspective for their web desk. I covered the Ferguson protests, social media activism and women’s rights issues.

A Ferguson armati come in Iraq. Negli Usa troppi poliziotti in assetto da combattimento (“Ferguson cops are armed for Iraq. U.S. has too many policemen in combat gear”). This analysis of police militarization landed on the publication’s homepage at the height of the protests.
Se mi sparassero: Twitter, gli utenti di colore protestano per Michael Brown
(“#Iftheygunnedmedown: Black Twitter protests for Michael Brown”)
Stati Uniti, “Tempio Satanico” si unisce alla lotta contro le leggi anti-aborto
(“Satanic Temple joins the fight against anti-abortion laws”)
Texas, l’abuso sessuale di una ragazza diventa virale sui social network
(“In Texas, a girl’s sexual assault goes viral”)
Le donne turche sfidano il vice premier a suon di sorrisi sul social network
(“On social media, Turkish women challenge VP with laughter”)

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Columbia Visuals, Co-founder/Staff Writer

The digital media team at the Columbia Journalism School runs Columbia Visuals, a blog that aims to inspire visual and multimedia journalists, from students to professionals, with features on interesting work as well as practical advice.

This is What It’s Like Being a Female Photojournalist in India
Covering Sensitive Populations: People with Mental Disorders
Equipment Strategies for Young Videojournalists
Freelancing in a Developing Country
“Wear Them Down With Good Will”: Eugene Jarecki on Getting Access

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The Hechinger Report, Freelance Contributor

Nonprofit education publication The Hechinger Report sponsors the Hechinger Award for best education story produced by a member of the graduating Columbia Journalism class. This article was the 2013 winner.

One Mom’s Efforts to Crack the Gifted and Talented System
A shorter version of this article also appeared on WNYC’s SchoolBook.

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The Brooklyn Ink, Staff Writer

2012-2013 coverage included stories on New York Assemblyman Vito Lopez, Hurricane Sandy, and the presidential elections.

Stand By Your Assemblyman? Past Supporters of Vito Lopez Weigh Pros & Cons